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Omron K8AK Series: Measuring and monitoring relays


The robust K8AK series of monitoring relays deliver first class protection in a slim 22.5 mm wide package. They can safeguard single phase and three-phase motors, conveyors, heaters and generators from dangerous conditions like overvoltage and undervoltage, phase-sequence and phase loss.

Omron's K8AK/K8DS series coupled with other Omron Automation and Safety products provide a complete and flexible one-stop solution for your monitoring and safety application needs.

Measuring and monitoring relays
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Omron K8AK Series

Vaccon's Interchangeable maintenance-free vacuum cartridge

Vacconmaintenance-free vacuum cartridge

The RTM Series™ cartridges and pumps are ideally suited for use in dusty and dirty environments. Designed to replace failed or clogged multi-stage pumps to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. RTM cartridges thread directly into existing multi-stage vacuum pumps and vacuum grippers for immediate, reliable, trouble-free operations.

Key Features:

  • Rugged/simple design: Vaccon's single-stage design features a straight-through design with no moving parts to clog or wear out
  • Save money: Vaccon pumps never lose suction or require costly filters, vacuum cup screens or maintenance
  • Maximizes productivity: RTM high performance MID series cartridges operate continuously without maintenance, eliminating downtime, increasing productivity and improving profitability
  • Quick installation : Simply remove the threaded multi-stage cartridge and screw-in the Vaccon RTM single-stage replacement unit. Pump units can be exchanged in minutes in many cases

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Interchangeable maintenance-free vacuum cartridge

Banner Replacing Wire with Wireless

SureCross Performance PMx Series

BannerTL70 Series

Easy to deploy, simple to use, proprietary point-to-point bi-directional radio communication.

Key Features:

  • Communication range from feet to 6 miles
  • No software required
  • Discrete and analog I/O
  • 900MHz or2.4GHz ISM Band
  • Scalable: Can support up to 47 nodes
  • Ruggedized for extreme environments

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BRAAS Company acquires Control Resources Inc and expands operations throughout GA, SC, NC & VA

BRAAS Company is excited to announce the acquisition of Control Resources Inc. (CRI). Based in Salisbury NC, and covering GA, SC, NC and VA, CRI is a premier distributor of industrial automation systems, and components. We welcome the CRI employee owners to the BRAAS organization, and are proud to support their customers and manufacturer partners going forward.

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