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Best-In-Class family of Bar Code Readers just got better

DornerDorner Bar Code Readers

Matrix 300

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The Matrix 300 is an ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking( DPM ) applications.
New Features:
  • Ultra-compact reader
  • High performance DPM reading
  • Liquid lens electronic focus
  • Fast and high resolution image
  • Power over Ethernet Option
  • Precise dual laser aiming

New Class 6 Industrial Ethernet Smart Motors

MoogMoogDownload the Product Brochure The new IP65 rated, class 6 Motor is a servo motor with a motion controller integrated into a compact package. The combination of programmability, networking, I/O and servo performance is unmatched. The motor is protected from all angles against water, dust or dirt.
Its design is based on the following objectives:
  1. Reduce machine development time
  2. Lower machine-production cost
  3. Simplify he machine, machine build and support

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Complete Vacuum solution from Joulin

Custom grippers to complete vacuum systems

Complete Vacuum solution from Joulin System benefits:
  • GripTech software: This proprietary software offers quick design and quick delivery
  • No Adjustment: The grippers are designed to pick anything without making any adjustments to the gripper
  • Patented Wave System: Allows grippers to be energy efficient while maintaining a high tolerance to dirt and fast robotics movement. The wave system can save up to 50% in energy savings
  • All types of Surfaces: the grippers are designed to work on any surfaces.....Cinder blocks, bricks, cans, jars etc.
  • Versatile: Whether picking a complete layer, partial layer or a single part the Joulin gripper automatically senses and closes check valves in areas without product allowing the same gripper to pick one part or a full layer


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Join BRAAS Company and Omron for a unique open house on November 11. Limited Seats.
Omron Technology Center Open House

This cylinder might be a commodity. Knowing how to replace it when I don't even have the part number is not.
- Customer

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