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Motion Industries (BRAAS Company) acquires Axis New England

First NBA finals (Golden State Warriors - Toronto Raptors) played outside the United States


Motion Industries (BRAAS Company) acquires Sterling ES

MInneapolis MN host Superbowl 2018 between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots


1) BRAAS company is acquired by Motion Industries

2) The Olympic Games come to South America, with Rio de Janeiro as the host city.


Rosetta spacecraft becomes the first to land on a comet


1) BRAAS achieves 100% ESOP

2) Michel Phelps becomes winningest athlete in Olympic history with 22 medals (18 Gold)


BRAAS purchases SiCRON


1) Pop icon Michael Jackson dies

2) US Housing bubble bursts amid financial crisis


1) BRAAS establishes sales branch in IA/NE

2) Pluto gets demoted to a planetoid, thus sparking a new "when I was your age..." adage


BRAAS opens Chicago Branch Office


1) NASA Rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, begin exploration of Mars (or an Orlando movie studio depending on what you believe)

2) BRAAS recognized as world's largest DVT Distributor

3) The social networking website Facebook was launched


September 11th terrorist attacks and the beginning of the "War on Terror"


1) BRAAS signs DENSO Robotics, becoming one of the first industrial distributors to handle robotics

2) Y2K fails to materialize, leading to surplus of used generators on Craigslist


1) BRAAS purchases Kershaw Automation in Oldsmar, FL (later to become BRAAS FL)

2) The company surpasses $40M

3) Craigslist is founded


1) Wislawa Szymborska wins the Nobel Prize for Literature. Read it?

2) BRAAS expands into Machine Vision with Dickerson Vision Technologies (later to become DVT)


BRAAS receives ISO 9002 certification - and goes on to document why we don't need it


The Internet expands with a little something called the World Wide Web


BRAAS installs 2nd and current ERP System


1) BRAAS opens Appleton WI office

2) The 1st photograph of entire solar system is taken by Voyager 1


The Berlin Wall falls and the USSR disappears. Americans learn of numerous "-stans" and another "Georgia"


BRAAS celebrates their first $1M sales month in February


1) The company gets their first fax machine

2) Jim Braas creates the ESOP and retires, selling the company to his employees


BRAAS opens Milwaukee Branch with 6 employees


1) BRAAS moves on to IBM System 36 "ERP" Accounting System with 2, count 'em, 2 processors (4MHz & 1MHz)

2) Chrysler unveils two minivans, the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager, to the public


John Lennon is assassinated


Revolution in Iran and the beginning of the hostage crisis


Revolution in Iran and the beginning of the hostage crisis


Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated


Microsoft founded


1) BRAAS launches Motion Control Division with Superior Electric and hires their first Applications Engineer. The company also surpasses $2M in sales.

2) First planet Mercury flyby (Mariner 10)


President Nixon resigns over Watergate


1) Apollo 11: Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon

2) BRAAS surpasses $1M in sales


Bob Dylan releases "Like a Rolling Stone"


Mariner 2 does the first planetary flyby (Venus)


JE BRAAS Company is founded by Jim Braas selling Power Transmission and Pneumatic Equipment

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