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Our mission is to be your first choice for automation solutions

BRAAS spent much of its history as an employee-owned company, and that mindset is ingrained into our DNA. Now, as a division of Motion Industries, each and every employee is incentivized and rewarded based on how we perform for you, our customer. Our employees care deeply about the business, and tend to have an understanding of the bigger picture, not just his or her job. We value customers who partner with us over the long haul, and believe that a deep understanding of your needs provides value to your design efforts, your supply chain, and ultimately your customers.

Also, as part of Motion Industries, we embrace these values:

  • Fair
  • Ethical
  • Inclusive
  • Invested

Our employees also tend to stay with us for the long haul. Among our 180+ employees, average tenure is over 10 years, which is critical to building competency, a knowledge of our products and of your requirements and preferences. We view ourselves as a resource for you, an extension of your capability, for which we get paid only when you buy our products and services.

We also operate as an extension of our suppliers, and have been in business long enough to ensure that we have top-tier suppliers. Our employees bring that knowledge to you, not just what's in a catalog or on a spec sheet, but the know-how and instinct that comes only from experience and from volume of business. Yes, volume. You do something over and over again, and pretty soon you'll get good at it. We are the largest distributor in the US for many of our top lines. If not #1, we are close. Of course, this didn't happen overnight. We've been focused on automation since 1961, and have had a number of suppliers since the early days. Heck, many of our suppliers weren?t even around in 1961.

All said, our mission is to be your first choice for automation solutions. What is an automation solution? That depends on the task to be accomplished, or the problem to be solved, but if it has to do with Automation, you can rely on BRAAS. Our leading products and experienced people are ready and able to serve. Thank you for considering BRAAS.


We invest in you with ongoing training and educational opportunities. Receive excellent benefits and an opportunity to share in profits generated. Share in the reputation of providing state-of-the-art industrial automation products and solutions.

Sound like a culture you want to be part of?


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