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Small Assembly Robots, Unbeatable Value!

The DENSO Difference - small industrial robots of the highest quality with the lowest total cost of ownership.
DENSO robots are designed to run trouble-free with only minimal scheduled maintenance.

New Products from DENSO


HSR Series

The DENSO high-speed 4-axis SCARA robot uses advanced vibration control, a newly designed, highly rigid lightweight arm and improved heat dissipation in the base unit to achieve new levels of continuous high-speed performance and repeatability.

  • Accelerates faster than previous models
  • Runs continuously at its maximum rated speed and stops more precisely

HSR Series Brochure

DENSO 5_6 Axis

LPH Series

Denso's new high performance, low priced, compact and lightweight SCARA Robot - aimed to meet demand for precision robots for light-duty manufacturing applications.

  • Maximum arm reach | 400mm
  • Maximum payload | 3kg
  • Position repeatability | ±0.02mm

LPH Series Datasheet

VM Series

VM Series

The VM1500/1800 is suitable for transportation, palletising and depalletizing operations freeing up workers  hard labor.

  • Maximum arm reach | 2503mm
  • Maximum payload | 40kg

VM Series Datasheet


VL2500 Series 5-and 6-Axis Robots

Designed for adverse environments. The VL series brings iP67 level protection to automation in demanding environments where the robot is exposed to oil and mist spray.

With the highest load capacity and the longest arm of any Denso robot, the VL2500 is ideal for automating work that involves transporting or palletizing heavy objects.

  • Maximum arm reach | 1506 - 1804mm
  • Maximum payload | 25kg

VL2500 Series Datasheet

Solutions from DENSO

High Speed 4-axis SCARA and 6-axis Robots

Delivering the highest levels of productivity with the lowest cost of ownership. Low maintenance, ease of setup, programming and networking, high reliability and long working life. 

Application Showcase

DENSO 24 Robot Assembly LIne

High-Precision Assembly Line Features 24 Robots

4-axis SCARA and 6-axis robots perform pick and place and other operations.

High precision assembly line pick and place

DENSO Contract Packager

Vision Guided Packaging

VS-G Series 6-axis robot with vision system picks different colored and shaped parts from bowl feeders and places them.

 VS-G Series Datasheet

VS-Series 6-axis robots lay out a slot-car track

LPH SCARA robot handles small liquid containers

XR-Series Compact Gantry Robot with Vision System
Automated retrieval and storage system
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