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Dorner Manufacturing

Dorner Conveyors

Dorner is the leading manufacturer of packaged and custom conveyor systems providing solutions for industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs. Dorner's wide range of conveyor platforms are flexible, easy to select, easy to integrate, and easy to acquire through an efficient delivery & support network.

New Products from Dorner

ERT 250 - Edge Roller Technology

Dorner's Precision Edge Roller Pallet and Tray Handling conveyors provide efficient, non-contact zoning for medium & heavy load assembly automation applications.

AquaGard Stainless Sanitary Conveyor 

Dorner's improved 7350 V2 Conveyor is the safest, most advanced modular curve chain conveyor in the industry.

Solutions from Dorner

Automation Conveyors

Automation Conveyors

Dorner conveyors are designed to move product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line.

This extremely accurate product control allows Dorner conveyors to easily integrate with robots, workers and equipment and can help even if your line faces unique challenges due to unwieldy product packaging, assembly, industrial, sanitation, incline, or inspection challenges.

Pop Up Transfer

Industrial Conveyors

Industrial conveyors move products from one place to another such as throughout a distribution center or through various steps in the production process. 

Conveyor belts for material handling and industrial can be used for a variety of applications, from part handling and packaging to assembly automation and accumulation. Although typical loads include boxes, totes and packages, sanitary conveyors also handle food processing and packaging edible products.

Sanitary Conveyors

Sanitary Conveyors

When handling and processing food, pharmaceuticals and other highly regulated products, you need a conveyor solution that takes sanitation seriously. You have a lot to think about when investing in your conveyor system:  consumer safety, industry compliance, and production time.

Dorner's precision hygienic conveyor lines AquaGard and AquaPruf are designed for fast, safe and effective sanitation and protection from contamination.

Custom Conveyors

Custom Conveyors Solutions

With custom-designed conveyor systems in place, your products will be processed faster, your services will be delivered faster and your profits will increase by embracing Dorner's specialized engineering technology.

Leverage the combined knowledge and experience of BRAAS and Dorner to build your complete conveyor system. 

Application Showcase

Dorner AquaPruf VBT (Vertical Belt Technology)

Vertical belt technology is used for elevating bulk products like vegetables and fruits, popcorn, grains and nuts, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and small packages. As a sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system, it's ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and all sanitary environments as it carries out a wide range of applications.

Dorner's 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor

Dorner's 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor is ideal for part handling, accumulation, positioning, high speeds, long runs, and product transfers. It's perfect for processing and packaging applications, industrial automation, assembly, and more!

Dorner 2200 Series SmartFlex Conveyors

The new SmartFlex® 2200 Series flexible conveyor from Dorner is a high-performance, modular chain conveyor that is simple to configure and even simplifier to acquire.

Dorner's 1100 Series Conveyor

Dorner's 1100 Series miniature conveyor is designed for small or lightweight part handling and it can easily fit inside machinery and equipment. It is ideal for pharmaceutical, medical and life science applications.

Resources & Downloads


Dorner DTools is a resource for Dorner's conveyor productivity applications, including a CAD Library and Product Configurator.

Dorner Product Guide

ERT 250 - Edge Roller Technology

AquaGard 7350V2 Stainless Sanitary Conveyor

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