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LMI 3D Vision

For 100% Inline Quality Control and Material Optimization

Scan object shape and contrast, take feature measurements, and make critical control decision; then communicate directly to factory networks and equipment. All with a single device. All at production speed.

Gocator 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

Industry-leading laser point and line profile sensors for scanning moving targets in generic and specialized applications.

Gocator line profile sensors use a projected laser line to perform high-resolution scanning, measurement and control for automated quality inspection and material optimization at inline production speed. 

Gocator Snapshot Sensors

3D Snapshot Sensors

For quality inspection and robotic applications.

Gocator snapshot sensors combine blue-LED structured light with built-in 3D measurement tools for specific object features. As opposed to lasers that are used to scan moving objects, snapshot sensors use a single snapshot scan to inspect targets with stop/stop motion.

Solutions from LMI Technologies

Watch as BRAAS 'buddy ups' three Gocator 3D 2520 Smart Line Profile Sensors for full 360° images and super high speed image acquisition.

Application Showcase

Gocator 2330 line scan captures 3D surface images of a PCB
Synchronized UR robot-mounted Gocator smart sensors achieve automated inline gap & flush inspection
Inspection - Surface Track Tool
Inspection - Volume Checker

Resources & Downloads

Test Drive a Virtual 3D Smart Sensor with Gocator Emulator
3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

Gocator 2100 Series - VGA Entry Level

Gocator 2300 Series - 1MP Work horse

Gocator 2400 Series - 2MP High Resolution

Gocator 2500 - High Speed Ultra Compact

Gocator 2800 Series - Dual Triangulation

3D Snapshot Sensors

Gocator 3210 - Large field of view

Gocator 3504 - High Resolution

Gocator 3506 - High Resolution

Gocator 3D Smart Sensors Integrated With Robots
Gocator Pick and Place Application
White Papers:

Gocator 2300 Series: All-In-One 3D Smart Profile Sensors

LMI - The Benefits of 2D + 3D

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