Banner Engineering

Every 3.5 seconds, a Banner sensor is installed somewhere in the world. Banner has a automation solution for most of your problems. Banner products help manufacture the cars you drive, the TVs you watch, the food you eat, the medicine you take and virtually every product you consume. Whatever the industry, Banner has a solution to help you automate your plants, improve efficiency and manufacture quality products.

New Products from Banner

VE Series Smart Camera
VE Series Smart camera combine powerful inspection tools and capabilities with ease of use to maximize inspection uptime and facilitate rapid implementation.

Robust metal housing with optional lens covers achieve IP67 rating for use in harsh environments with heat, vibration or moisture

K30: Banner’s Next Generation Touch Buttons

Banner’s next generation (Gen) touch button employ smart electric field sensing. This technology provides Gen 2 touch buttons with excellent immunity to false triggering caused by material buildup and exposure to direct water spray.

  • Available in nine color options and one-, two- and three-color models
  • Highly visible indicators in several package sizes including FDA models
  • Ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist and arm stresses.
  • Rugged IP67/IP69K polycarbonate construction

Safety light screen: EZ-SCREEN LS
Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS is able to address the challenges of safeguarding multiple access points to a hazard with its automatic cascade feature. This advanced feature allows up to four light screen sets, of any size and resolution, to be connected in a series with as few as one cable to lead back to the control cabinet and one single dual channel safety interface, saving panel space.

QS18 Series Clear Object Detection Sensors

QS18 Series is a high-performance clear object detection sensor. It has a polarized coaxial optical design that ensures reliable detection of transparent, translucent, and opaque targets at any distance between the sensor and the reflector.

This cost-effective clear object sensor has a fast 400 microsecond response time. The IP67 rated ABS housing makes it ideal for bottling or packaging applications.

Banner Q4X

Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available in Models Exclusively for Clear Object Detection
The new Q4X Laser Distance Sensor models is optimized for high performance over a shorter measuring range. The new 100 mm models, available with bipolar discrete (NPN PNP) and analog (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) output options, offer twice the measurement precision and a 25% smaller laser spot for detecting small features.

Solutions from Banner

Rely on Banner for industry-leading photo eyes, sensors, vision sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, e-stop devices, vision lighting, and a wide assortment of indicator lights, tower lights, stack lights, and pick to lights.


Banner produces hundreds of innovative, new products to solve all your automation needs. They design and manufacture photo eyes, sensors and associated products for industrial and process automation.

Slot Sensor
SLM slot sensor ensures proper positioning of materials at work stations

Retroreflective Sensor

Retroreflective Sensor
A clear choice for clear object detection

Laser Sensor

Laser Sensor
High-performance sensing in low-contrast applications


Banner offers you a comprehensive selection of indicator lights; including pick-to-light systems, sequential assembly lights, call lights, indicator lights, and verification touch buttons.

Indicator Lights

Indicator Lights
Improving Production and reducing Human Error with Pick-to-Light systems

Tower Lights

Tower Lights
TL50 Tower Light indicator is  ideal for machine status applications.

Work Lights

Work Lights
LED Work Area Lights provide stable, durable and uniform bright lighting for quality inspection in pharmaceutical packaging.


Banner produces a wide range of safety-related products—including safety light screens, safety interlock switches, e-stop modules and two-hand control safety modules—that protect personnel and equipment.

Safety Controller

Safety Controller
Multifunctional Controllers streamline Safety on shop floor.

Safety Light curtains

Safety Light Curtains
Safeguarding machines and automated equipment in challenging environments.

E-Stop Buttons
Reducing hazards or hazardous situations that could damage machinery/equipment


The extensive line of vision sensors helps you find defects earlier in the manufacturing process. Banner offers standard and high-resolution grayscale, color and single and multi-purpose vision sensors. Add inspection capabilities where you need them.

Image Sensor

Image Sensor
Application to detect defects

iVu Image Sensor

iVu Image Sensor
Blister Pack Inspection

Presence PLUS Sensor

Presence PLUS Sensor
Sensing application where measurement are needed

Application Showcase

Machine Safety Illuminated Stop Button

TL50 Pre-assembled LED Tower Light Family

Fiber Optic Sensor Boasts: 10us Response time

Low cost IP67 Laser Measurement Sensor