Safer conveyors are within reach

Over the last century, the dangers of working in industry and manufacturing were demonstrated by the countless numbers of severe injuries and fatalities that commonly occurred on the production floor. Fortunately, with the establishment in 1971 of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and through better standards and efforts of employers, today’s work force […]

Right Conveyor for the Job

At BRAAS Company, we have been promoting automation for nearly 60 years.  As the discipline has evolved so has the need for specialization.  This has been a challenge for all companies and some have met the challenge better than others have.  BRAAS has invested heavily in people to bring the highest level of product knowledge […]

Modular Belt Conveyor Troubleshooting

Belt skips / looses engagement with drive sprockets Sprockets are worn. Inspect sprockets for tooth wear and replace as needed. Typical wear and stretching of chain. Replace chain. Excessive load on conveyor.   Check actual load against conveyor’s limit and inspect for anything contacting belt. Debris impacted in sprockets or in belt links. Clean. Belt is […]

Conveyor Fabric Belt Troubleshooting Guide

1. Belt tracks to one side or off frame Typical wear and stretching.   Make tracking adjustments to re-center belt. Product entering from side.   Add side guides if possible. Off-centered load.   Try to have load centered if possible. Accessory interference forcing belt to one side.   Check that nothing contacts belt. Product/debris build-up on pulley, under belt […]

Dorner Conveyors Save Time and Money

  Engineering Time ◦DTools (Dorner’s Online Configurator) save our customer’s time.  Our Dedicated conveyor specialist and knowledgeable staff are able to help with sizing and selection as well. Maintenance Time ◦Dorner has extremely durable and reliable products by design, and spare parts are simple to identify and purchase when needed. Production Labor ◦Conveyors in general reduce labor costs, but Dorner […]