Overachieving Kobold Flow Meter/Indicator

Overachiever Our customers purchase a lot of magnetic flowmeters, vortex shedding flowmeters and clamp on style ultrasonic flowmeters.  All of these have exotic measurement principles based on concepts like Faraday’s Law and are really very sexy.  I love a good flowmeter. But the number one selling flowmeter by volume for us is an overachieving rotating […]

Informative videos from BronkhorstUSA

  BronkhorstUSA, Performance for Life Bronkhorst® develops and manufactures Thermal and Coriolis instruments for measuring and dosing the flow of gases and liquids.  By making precision their profession, Bronkhorst has been viewed as experts within laboratories, machine-building and many other industries for more than 30 years. They are the market leader in Europe and one of the top […]

BACnet Protocol Instrumentation

BACnet is a Popular Building Automation Protocol.  We can help you implement it. What is a Protocol A protocol is like a language that machines speak over a network.   It is dependent on the media,  transport system or network.  For example, there are serial networks, parallel networks and Ethernet networks.  The protocol must match […]

Weidmuller U-Remote IO

Our OEM customers have reaped huge benefits by changing to Weidmuller Remote IO.  10 Reasons to Make the Change to Weidmuller U-Remote IO 1. Cost Remote IO is typically much less expensive than the IO one would purchase from the PLC vendor. Spend money on the programming software and processor from the PLC vendor of your choice […]