The last time order date for these products will be February 23th, 2018

We are providing notice that the CalAmp Integra-TR is now discontinued by the manufacturer. We will work with you to transition to new products smoothly.

Products reach the end of their product life cycle as changes occur in market demand, due to technology innovation, new product development, or simply when a product ages and can no longer be produced. This is now the case with CalAmp’s Integra TR family of products as several unique components have become obsolete and can no longer be readily obtained.

Below is a chart to help you evaluate the specifications of the Integra-TR and compare with other radio modem options.  Please email or call Bryan Browning if you have any questions.  

Specifications CalAmp Integra-TR CalAmp Guardian Raveon M7
Freqs VHF 136-166MHz, 148-174MHz 136-174MHz 150-174MHz
Freqs UHF 406.1-440MHz, 440-476 MHS 406-512MHz 450-480MHz
900MAS No 928-960MHz No
MURS No No YES- License free use of VHF
Modes of Operation Simplex, Half- Duplex Simplex, Half-Duplex, Full Duplex, Analog Simplex or Half-Duplex
Bandwidth 6.25, 12.5. 25 kHz 12.5. 25 kHz 11kHz
Freq Stability 1.5 ppm 1 ppm 1.5ppm
Serial Ports Two RS-232 Two RS-232 and one RS-485/422 One RS-232/485 or 422
Transmit Power 1-5W adjustible 1-10 W adjustable 0.5-5 W adjustible
Input Power 10-16 VDC 10-30VDC 9.5-16VDC
Environmental ‘-30-60C -40-70C -30-60C
Duty Cycle 50% Max, 30 Seconds, Extended w/fan Continuous up to 60C, 50% at 10W RF 70C 20% at 5 Watts 60C
Antenna SMA Female TNC Female BNC-F
Options Fan Waterproof Encl, Internal GPS