There have been some questions recently about the compatibility of new CalAmp Viper products and older products.   If everything is set up correctly, all CalAmp Viper radios, even  of different versions purchased years apart, should be able to work together very well in the same radio network.

First some background.  There are actually two different Viper hardware platforms.  Viper-SC and the older Viper (non-SC).  The radios are completely compatible, though, so don’t think you have to throw anything away.

There is also a new Viper SC+ on the market.   This radio has the same hardware as Viper-SC but they has newer, improved firmware.  Again, the Viper-SC+ is compatible with the older Viper (non-SC).  The good news is that any Viper SC can be upgraded to SC+ firmware.  The current release is 3.7.  Contact us for copies of this firmware.

Now to make sure your new radios will work with older Viper systems.  Out of the box settings with newer Vipers may conflict with default settings for older radios so there are some things to check.  Here are some steps you should take to ensure compatibility:

  1. Match the over air data rate of the systems. (likely 16kbps at 12.5kHz)
  2. Match the FSK Modulation, likely 2FSK or 4FSK.
  3. In the Viper SC there is a parameter under RF Networking Settings>> RF Bandwidth Management called Duplicate Packet Removal that must be disabled in a mixed SC and non SC system.
  4. Lastly, ensure that there are no duplicate RF MAC addresses in the system.

Please let us know if we can help.  Not everyone in our organization has all the answers but we have a couple of engineers and several field technicians with Viper and other CalAmp product experience.  Setting up Router mode networks can be intimidating to the uninitiated so let us help.


CalAMp Viper SC+