Engineering Time

◦DTools (Dorner’s Online Configurator) save our customer’s time.  Our Dedicated conveyor specialist and knowledgeable staff are able to help with sizing and selection as well.

Maintenance Time

◦Dorner has extremely durable and reliable products by design, and spare parts are simple to identify and purchase when needed.

Production Labor

◦Conveyors in general reduce labor costs, but Dorner has the widest selection of available conveyors, and thus has the right tool for the job. (Packaging, Sanitary, Material Handling, and Automation.)

Cleaning and Sanitation

◦In protein applications it is key to have USDA and FDA accepted tool-less design for easy cleaning between shifts.  Dorner has advanced designs we would love to discuss with you in this specialized area.

Setup Time

◦Dorner conveyors ship in easy to build sub assemblies.  This assures damage free shipments and quick easy setup.  (Dorner and Braas can offer on site service for set up assistance or turn key assembly.)