Dorner Conveyor
Image courtesy of Dorner Mfg. Corp.

We have all recently seen an increased interest toward products used for social distancing in a range of applications.

From conveyors to manual packing stations, the need is now urgent to add capacity and additional space to improve hygienic conditions. Definitely, a sign of the times, but the concern and commitment to hygienic, safe, food-handling products is not new.

Moving products during assembly or processing utilizing conveyors often increases distance, reducing the contact between people.

If you need help on any kind of plant modification, from conveyors, workstations, assembly tables, or as simple as protective barrier screens, we can help. BRAAS, along with our premier supplier Dorner Conveyor Company, can help with any plant or process modification where you may need help.

Leverage the combined knowledge and experience of BRAAS and Dorner to provide you with a conveyor solution – fast. In many cases, we can turn basic requests for pricing around in 24 hours and ship configurable conveyors in as little as three or four days. Dorner Conveyors

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