Any buyer of of industrial equipment needs to look at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of that buy.   They often evaluate maintenance costs over the expected life of the product but too often skip over the cost of the engineering time to configure and deploy an installation.   Moxa makes these upfront tasks easy through web GUIs, set up wizards and network configuration tools.  No better example can be found than Moxa’s AeroMag feature available on select Moxa wireless devices.  AeroMag can reduce deployment time of a new wireless network to a fraction of the normal time even for experienced engineers.




Brutal does not begin to begin to describe the environment in space.  Only the most rugged electronic equipment can survive the cold and heat of space or even the battering trip to get there.  That’s why Moxa is was chosen as the wireless equipment provider for the International Space Station’s external high-def camera.  The Space Station can see temperature swings of -100 to +100C on 90 minute cycles.  Only Moxa could survive the tests presented by NASA.  Learn more about it at this NASA web site and at Automationworld.com.





But let’s not stop at Easy and Rugged, Moxa also has very advanced performance features built into their radios.

  • Through the use of Dynamic Frequency Selection Moxa wireless can operate on RF channels otherwise restricted.  Some 5GHz channels are reserved for weather radars but if a wireless Access Point (AP) sniffs out the spectrum and verifies that there is no radar close enough to interfere with it can use those frequencies for Wifi.  Moxa has designed DFS into their wireless.
  • Turbo Roam is a feature designed for rolling stock and vehicles.  It ensures 200 ms swap over from one AP to another while maintaining RF signals strong enough to not drop data.  This is perfect for Automated Guided Vehicles and Lift Trucks or other driven equipment in a plant.  This video is a good demonstration.
  • Moxa’s Wifi clients can act as a Router, bridging two networks and saving IP addresses.  This can be very useful for machine builders or large manufacturers looking to connect machine cells. There is more information on routing as it applies to the factory floor in this post.  BRAAS HELPS MACHINE BUILDERS AND OEM’S CONNECT TO END USER PLANT NETWORKS
  • And maybe this should fall under rugged but the design is innovative so let’s run with that.   To ensure performance that lasts well beyond the 5 Year Warranty, Moxa isolates the internal power supply and the antenna on their Wireless AP/Clients.  Don’t take my word for it, check out this video test. 

To learn more about Industrial Wireless please download this very informative guidebook or give our Application Engineers a call.