It's All About the Solution!

Datalogic automatic identification solutions are used in over a third of the world’s checkouts, airports and mail sorting offices, and they specialize in being a total solution provider. There are 3 keys to a successful vision system:

Lighting and Lensing – Used to create contrast between features of parts and objects.Starting with the best image possible.

Algorithm and Processing – Selecting the most robust vision tools to solve the application.

Communication and Results – Get the pass/fail, measurement, position, or string data out of the system. A vision solution is only as strong as the weakest connection. We can help you create the strongest Machine Vision Solution.

New Products from Datalogic

P10 Camera
Ultra-compact cost effective smart camera offering advanced machine vision functionalities in a fully embedded stand-alone device.

Laser Marking & Accessories

AREX Laser
High speed marking on metal and plastic materials which increases system productivity typically needed for the Automotive and Electronics industry

SG4-H Safety Light Curtain
Innovative Stainless Steel housing offer the highest mechanical protection and washdown design for Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery application.

Solutions from Datalogic

Machine Vision

The Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software offering complete products and solutions ranging from simple vision sensors up to smart cameras and embedded vision systems.


MX-Series Vision processors provide the highest performance in image processing with even more flexibility through multi-camera support.


The M-Series vision processor product line up provides you with the most image processing performance in a fully integrated vision system. With multi-core processors, these systems can handle the most demanding high-speed and multi-camera applications, such as hypodermic needle inspection.

Imact Software

With over 120 software tools and controls, the Impact Software Suite allows you to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily.


Thanks to its intuitiveness, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness, DataVS2 allows you to develop reliable quality inspections with outstanding Return On Investment. The wide range of controls can easily solve several applications such as presence/absence, part position and orientation as well as label inspection. In the example, DataVS2 detects the presence of the expiration date printed on pizza packages thus guaranteeing the maximum product quality and traceability.


The DataVS2 vision sensors feature a built-in illuminator and integrated optics to offer maximum compactness and installation simplicity.


The T4x-Series product is a high performance, ruggedized smart camera that can address most single camera inspection needs.

A & T Series Smart Cameras

The A and T-Series Smart Camera products are standalone, general-purpose, industrialized machine vision inspection systems that allow for incredible flexibility in programming through the Impact software.


The A-Series smart camera provides the perfect balance of size, functionality, and pricing to easily support a multitude of tasks, including the verification of objects within an assembly. In this case, the system assures that all of the bearings are in place regardless of position or actual number found.

Laser Marking

Laser Marking is focused on providing top value solutions for automotive, metal tools, medical, electronics and packaging. Datalogic offers high level technology in marking equipment  based on FIBER, DPSS, GREEN, UV and CO2 lasers.

Extremely reliable, Datalogic EOX family offers high quality permanent marking on a widest range of material.

High performance fiber laser marker.

The ultra compact Fiber Laser that is setting a new reference standard in the permanent marking arena.

Industrial ID

Datalogic ID solutions help companies improve product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs all at an affordable price.

Industrial ID Ticketing

Gryphon and Powerscan Cordless Scanners from Datalogic streamline ticket sales and access control at the WWII museum in Moscow.

Industrial ID Picking

100% picking accuracy for Crown Imperial Group warehouses.

Aloha Medicinals and Datalogic

Application Showcase

Datalogic Matrix 210N with DLCODE: SuperSized Performance

Bar code readers to track Athletics equipment

Data printing & inspection in the Food and Beverage industry

T4X-Series Smart Camera


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