Small Assembly Robots, Unbeatable Value!

“The DENSO Difference” – small industrial robots of the highest quality with the lowest total cost of ownership. DENSO robots are designed to run trouble-free with only minimal scheduled maintenance.

New Products from Denso

5- and 6-Axis Robots : VS Series

5- and 6-Axis Robots : VS Series
New compact, high-speed, VS-050 six-axis aseptic robot, which features an ISO 5 cleanroom rating and specially designed coverings, for applications where biocontamination control is required..

Multirobot Offline programming software

Multirobot Offline Programming Software
The new Enhanced Multirobot (EMU) can simulate and program up to 16 DENSO robots in a single automation workcell

Solutions from Denso

Hi-Speed Scara

A small size 4-axis robots, with outstanding high-speed and repeatability. Space-saving models for a broad range of applications!

High Speed material handling

High Speed Material Handling
Vision-guided, HS-Series four-axis SCARA robots transfer products between high-speed conveyors

High Precision soldering

High Precision Soldering
HS-Series four-axis SCARA robot solders leads of electronic components on printed circuit board (PCB)

6-Axis Robot

The six-axis articulated robots offer high speed and repeatability along with a large 13-kg maximum payload capacity. A slim, 130-mm-wide arm and long, 1,000- to 1,300-mm reach make it possible for these robots to reach around tooling or into deep, narrow spaces, such as plastic injection molds, without interfering with peripheral equipment.

Vision guided packaging

Vision Guided Packaging
XR-Series compact gantry robot with vision system picks variously colored and shaped parts from bowl feeders and places them

High Precision soldering

Machine Tending
DENSO VS-Series six-axis articulated robot tends CNC machine

Application Showcase

Vision-guided, HS-Series four-axis SCARA robots

HS-Series four-axis SCARA robot

XR-Series compact gantry robot with vision system

VS-Series six-axis articulated robot