Navigating Our Online Store

Ecommerce Site: The main page of our Online Store is where you can see all product families, part numbers images, attributes, prices and availability of our entire inventory.

BRAAS Ecommerce Website

Registering an Account

Business-to-Business (B2B) Customers

  • Customers who have an AR account in our ERP system.
  • Customers who have a pricing structure associated with their account.
  • Account provides full access to past orders, invoices, tracking info and more

Business to Consumer (B2C) Customers

  • Customers who do not have an AR account in our ERP system.
  • Customers who purchase using a credit card.

Online Account Login: If you have a user ID and password, login to your account in this box.

BRAAS Online Account Login

Create Online Account: If you have an account with BRAAS Company and would like to buy online please use the second box to setup a new account including user login and password.

BRAAS Customer - Create Account

New Customers: If you do not have an account with BRAAS Company and would like to buy online please use the third box to create a new account. Note that you will be able to shop without a user ID and password.

New BRAAS Customer

Purchase as a Guest: If you prefer to use our site without creating an account, you may browse and purchase user using a credit card. Use the fourth box to buy without registering.

Guest Checkout

Account Menu

Order Pad: Use the “Order Pad” when you know the exact part number(s) you want to add to your cart. Note that part numbers do not autofill.

Order History: Your “Order History” displays a list of all orders you have placed with BRAAS. You can search for orders using the date settings, and also look up previously ordered parts by numbers. There is an “Add to Cart” button to add previously ordered parts to your shopping cart. You can also click on a part number to see the order history for that particular part.

Saved Orders: “Saved Orders” display a list of saved shopping carts. Click to open, edit and submit the order.

Look Up Orders: The “Look Up Orders” section allows you to look up any order you may have placed either through SXe (using a PO) or through the online store. There are 2 ways to search for orders: (1) by date range or (2) by exact OE#. Once located, previous orders can be copied and reordered, printed or emailed.

Shopping Lists: “Shopping Lists” are structured lists of part numbers. You can create lists (ex. by project name, purchaser etc.) and save parts to those individual lists.


  1. Lists facilitate faster checkout
  2. Having multiple lists helps organize products into sets that are logical for and tailored to your individual company, such as a  BOM for a particular project or application

Note to order parts from a list, you will need to add the products to your cart.

Favorites List: The “Favorites List” allows you to add and save part numbers for future reference.


  1. Save products for quick future reference
  2. Quick way to keep track of notable,  frequently ordered part numbers

Note to order parts from a list, you will need to add the products to your cart.

User Session: The “User Session” shows you details about your account. Here you can see your User ID, Account# attached to your account, and which warehouse your orders are distributed from.

Customer Account Menu

Account Features

Shopping Lists: A structured list with part numbers.

Shopping List Features:

  • It facilitates faster checkouts: You can create a shopping list by your project name and save it. So the next time you visit your account you just select all the items on your shopping list and ‘Add to cart’ and check out.
  • Can have Multiple Shopping list: Save multiple list based on projects
  • Can add items to a new/existing shopping list thru the Item detail level page.


Favorites List: Allows you to save part numbers for future reference.

Favorite List Features:

  • Easily locate and keep track of part numbers for future purchase
  • You can only maintain one wish list. It is just a collection of part numbers.

You can add parts to the wish list only from Item detail page


Look Up OrdersSearch for specific OE, Quotes etc.

See below for a screenshot of fields included on the ‘Look Up Orders’screen.

Look Up Orders

Shop Online — Anytime!

  • Our entire, extensive inventory, at your fingertips
  • See pricing and availability of parts and products in real-time
  • Place orders through our fast, secure checkout
  • Manage your account online and see order status and history