Dorner Conveyors

Dorner is the leading manufacturer of packaged and custom conveyor systems providing solutions for industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs. Dorner’s wide range of conveyor platforms are flexible, easy to select, easy to integrate, and easy to acquire through an efficient delivery & support network .

New Products from Dorner

Chicaning Conveyor
The purpose of chicaning conveyor systems is to orient products into a single file line.

The AquaPruf VBT (Vertical Belt Technology)
Dorner’s AquaPruf 7600 VBT Conveyor is elevating products to higher standards.

Pop-Up Transfer Tables
Pop-up transfer tables is used to change the product orientation of a block of food between packaging lines.

Solutions from Dorner

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors
A conveyor is only as good as the belt that’s on it. Dorner has developed some of the most advanced methods in splicing, cleat welding, v-guiding, designing, testing and inspecting belts on the market today.

Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyors
7100 Series chain conveyors are ideal for part handling, elevation changes, long runs, transfers, accumulation, and buffering. They’re perfect for packaging applications, bottling, dry food processing, secondary packaging, and more!

Precision Move Conveyor

Precision Move Pallet Conveyors
SmartFlex Pallet Systems for product routing, control and inspection. The system provides accurate positioning in a variety of assembly automation industries including automotive, medical, electronics, health and beauty, life sciences and more!

Custom Conveyor

Custom Conveyors
Even though Dorner provides the most extensive offering of standard conveyors, modifications and custom conveyor solutions are sometimes needed to achieve the optimum conveyor package

Indexing Conveyor

Indexing Conveyors
Precision part movement, accurate small parthandling and automated assembly are all typical requirements for Indexing Conveyors

Application Showcase

Dorner AquaPruf VBT(Vertical Belt Technology)
Vertical belt technology is used for elevating bulk products like vegetables and fruits, popcorn, grains and nuts, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and small packages. As a sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system, it’s ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and all sanitary environments as it carries out a wide range of applications.

Dorner’s 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor
Dorner’s 3200 Modular Belt Conveyor is ideal for part handling, accumulation, positioning, high speeds, long runs, and product transfers. It’s perfect for processing and packaging applications, industrial automation, assembly, and more!

Dorner 2200 Series SmartFlex Conveyors
The new SmartFlex® 2200 Series flexible conveyor from Dorner is a high-performance, modular chain conveyor that is simple to configure and even simplifier to acquire.

Dorners 1100 Series Conveyor
Dorner’s 1100 Series miniature conveyor is designed for small or lightweight part handling and it can easily fit inside machinery and equipment. It is ideal for pharmaceutical, medical and life science applications

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Dorner DTools

Dorner DTools is a resource for Dorner’s conveyor productivity applications, including their CAD Library and Product Configurator.