Denso 2-Finger 85 Gripper

Lately [Robotic has] been working on integrating [their] Grippers on the Universal Robots platform. The main goal is to give the end users an easy to install and easy to use Robot/Gripper cell that can be setup in a few minutes. Allowing users to leverage their robotic cells to make them more responsive and more flexible. However, your choice of platform for this type of pre-integrated system was pretty limited in the past. Now Denso Robotics has developed drivers to allow for this same type of smooth integration.

What Denso has developed is an all inclusive package that allows the end user to install the 2-Finger 85 Gripper with the correct coupling on the robot, connect it properly and program the Gripper with an already established programming library. This allows for fast integration, the removal of the external controller and a slick fit with the robot. Denso has developed a couple of videos to show how easy it is to install our Grippers on their robot.

Read the full article and information on installing and programming the gripper on Robotiq’s Company Blog.