Cost-effective actuator design provides the lowest lifetime cost and highest quality welds; broad product family offers many choices to optimize weight and performance.

New ServoWeld® actuators from Tolomatic are redesigned for higher performance and are lighter weight compared to other screw technologies. Featuring roller screws designed and manufactured by Tolomatic, the ServoWeld actuators are made especially for resistance spot welding (RSW) applications in the automotive industry. The ServoWeld actuators deliver 20 million welds or more, much longer than competing technologies such as ball screws and inverted roller screw actuators, according to Tolomatic. 

The ServoWeld Advanced (SWA) actuator is based on the highest level roller screw technology available to deliver the maximum number of welds. The ServoWeld Base (SWB) actuator is built on an alternate roller screw design to provide longer life than typical ball screw and inverted roller screw technology, but at a more economical price than the SWA actuator. 

Features of ServoWeld®

  • Number of welds/life: Tolomatic’s superior roller screw design has the highest dynamic load rating for more welds than any competitive technology
  • Force repeatability: Skewed winding designed for welding minimizes motor cogging and better force repeatability to the industry best 3% over the life of the actuator.
  • Efficiency: All elements of actuator (winding, screw, seal, bearings) are designed and chosen to optimize the efficiency of the actuator system and provide the most energy efficient solutions on the market.
  • Welds per minute: All elements of the actuator (winding, screw, seal, bearings) are designed to last and run as cool as possible in welding applications, with the ability to add water cooling as an option. This means more weld per minute than any competitive technology (other roller screws, ball screw, pneumatic).
  • Weight: Tolomatic integrated ServoWeld actuators minimize weight when designed into the weldgun. Additionally, Tolomatic can customize actuators for a specific weldgun to provide industry leading light-weight designs.
  • Lifetime Cost: By building the longest lasting, most efficient and highest weld per minute actuators on the market, Tolomatic actuators provide the lowest total cost of ownership (lowest cost per spot weld).

The SWA and SWB ServoWeld models are available in two sizes: a smaller size 3 for lighter-duty weld schedules; and a size 4 for heavier-duty applications. Both sizes are available in a variety of roller screw thread pitches (5mm and 10mm), motor voltages (230Vac & 460Vac) and multiple options for rod ends, feedback & connectors, and water cooling. These models can produce actuator forces at the rod up to 4,000 lbf/17.8 kN, lasting 20+ million welds and holding +- 3% force repeatability over the life of the actuator.  Each model comes equipped as standard with a re-lubrication port to easily service the actuator without disassembly from the weld gun to maximize its life. 

“We developed the ServoWeld SWA and SWB actuators based on nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, and we understand what it takes to make actuators and roller screws for resistance spot welding applications,” said Bill Graber, ServoWeld global business director, Tolomatic. “The result of our efforts is the broadest line of 7th axis RSW actuator products, which allow our customers to select the right ServoWeld product for their application.”