Omron Industrial Automation

A leader in production innovaton and responds to the demands of both society and the market. As a trusted supplier they pioneer in the art of production and bring innovation to production lines around the world.

New Products from Omron

Sysmac Delta Robot Series

Sysmac Delta Robot Series
The Sysmac Delta Robot Series help machine builders add efficient pick-and-place capability to packaging and small parts assembly line projects. It offers capability to integrate machine control, motion, remote I/O, HMI, safety, vision and robotics all in one controller, over one network, using one programming software.

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A22N/30N Series Pushbutton

Cost effective A22N/30N Series Pushbutton
Machine designers and panel builders like a variety of bezel materials and color options. The A22N/30N Series delivers that appearance with simple installation and IP66 rating, in a selection of switching functions. The A22N/30N Series includes 22mm and 30mm diameter pushbuttons, selector switches, key selector switches, and pilot lights to match many control panel needs.

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F3SG-RE Global Safety Light Curtain

F3SG-RE Global Safety Light Curtain
F3SG-RE global safety light curtain is designed for machine guarding solutions that do not require blanking or muting capabilities. The cost effective F3SG-RE series provides simple on/off detection for straightforward applications and complements the fully programmable, multi-segment cascading F3SG-RA series of safety light curtains

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Solutions from Omron


Safety is a critical part of any automated manufacturing process… and so is productivity. In today’s manufacturing environment, companies continue to seek more effective ways to protect workers, increase equipment life cycles and maintain stable operations.

Safety Relays: G9SE Series
Faster more accurate trouble shooting with G9SE safety relays

Safety Controller
Safety solution for Can Palletizers that help prevent impact or crushing situations for employees

Light Curtain
Safety with Palletiszing gantry robots

E-Stop Push Button
Reduce Downtime and improve E-Stop accouotability

Motion Control

CJ1 PLC Power Supply
Precise Control and high degree of accuracy is the critical ingredient for this Batch processing system.

NS Series HMI
Spin Coating Machine – Custom machine puts the ‘finishing coat’ on medical slides

Machine Vision

F210-C10 Vision Controller
Machine Vision and controls inspect for defective product on high speed filling station

FJ Cameras/Omron PLC
100% on-line inspection of consumer packaging

Application Showcase

Up for a game of Ping Pong with the Robot?

Guard Lock Safety-door switch application

Delta Robot Pick and Plaace system solution

NJ Machine Controller with Robotics Functionality