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Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

New Products from Parker

Electromechanical Cylinder: XFC series

Electromechanical Cylinder: XFC series
The XFC series features integrated roller screw technology which means the highest thrust force capacity for high frequency moves or impact loading.

401XE series linear actuator

401XE Series Linear Actuator
The new 401XE is now the smallest ball screw driven product offered by Parker. The 401XE is ideal for customers looking for highprecision, compact actuators that will stand the test of time.

Solutions from Parker

Motion Control

Empty Bottle Sorting Management in Chaotically Mixed Beverage Crates

Automated modular material handling systems for crate and bottle detection, combining flexible multi-camera capabilities with sortation.

Mechanical System

“You Gotta Move”

Parker Planetary Gearheads – Overview

Food grade Gearheat Motor Solves the problem for packaging manufacturer

Food-grade Gearheat Motor solves problem for packaging manufacturer


HMI Solution from Parker

Information Anywhere Revolution: The food and beverage industry can leverage intelligent technologies that push valuable production information wherever it is needed.

Application Showcase

The technology of controlling mechanical devices via electricity

Global leader in Motion and Technology

Selecting a proper Linear drive

Mitigating Risks in Linear Motion System Development of 3D Printing