From lighting-based and auditory machine statu sindicators to assistive lighting and process indication, a huge variety of products are available to alert and guide machine operators and maintenance staff.

Types of Lighting & Indicators

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Column Lights
Large self-contained indicators using long-lasting LEDs to provide highly visible multi-color indication in a single segment. 1-, 2-, or 3-color models available. No assembly required.

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Large Indicator
Large, multicolor indicator with bright, even lighting for simple status indication. Sealed to IP67 for durability in many environments.

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Tower Lights
A bigger, brighter self-contained tower light indicators using long-lasting LED technology, simple to install, and provide highly visible operator guidance and equipment indication.

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Work Lights
Specifically designed to provide bright, highly efficient LED illumination for industrial control cabinets and work cells with poor factory lighting conditions.

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Additional Information

EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Light Family Indicators

High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Industrial LED Lighting Provides Bright, Even Illumination