Motion Control Products

From linear bearings to multi-axis controllers, and a range of mechanical actuators, Braas offers comprehensive solutions to solve your most challenging motion control applications.

We have a broad family of Motion Control products including Servo and Stepper Motors, Single and Multi Axis Controllers, Linear Motors, Gear Boxes, Actuators, Stages and Gantry’s. Additionally we offer:

  • Sizing and selection assistance
  • Programming support
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting


Empire Magnetics – Brushless Motors, Stepper Motors, AC Motors, DC Motors
Minarik – AC & DC motors and drives 1/20-5hp
Moog Animatics – Smart servo integrated motor, controller and drive
Omron – PLCs, operator interfaces, motion controls, sensors, timers, RFID systems,
counters, temp/process controls, power supplies, relays, vision systems
Parker – Electric linear actuators, precision gear heads, Compumotor stepping & servo motors and controls, CTC operator interfaces, industrial computers, Interact HMI software, Daedal positioning tables
SMC – Actuators and Cylinders – NFPA, non repairable, compact, linear & rotary,
grippers, shock absorbers, rod aligners
Trio Motion – Motion Coordinators allow seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems.
Tolomatic – Electric rod-less & rod screw actuators, stepper & brushless servo motions control
Wittenstein – Precision planetary & worm gear reducers for stepping and servo motors
Yaskawa – 4, 6 & 7 axis robots for palletizing, welding, material handling & assembly

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