From basic two-position motions to to the most demanding applications requiring speed, precision or high force, a range of actuators are available to meet your application requiremnts. Typically driven by servo or step motors, actuators come in numerous sizes, styles, and levels of precision.

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Types of Actuators

Motion Control - Rod Actuators

Rod Style
Mimicking pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder designs with an extending rod, these units can be a great replacement option for older systems— but also offer great advantage for new designs as well.

Motion Control - Rodless Actuators

With usable travel isolated within the OAL of the unit, a carriage typically traverses back and forth and provides a mounting surface for tooling or payloads. These devices may be driven by belts, ballscrews or linear motors depending on the requirements of the application.

Motion Control - Linear Motor Actuators

Linear Motor
For the ultimate in speed, precision and control, linear motor actuators offer machine designers an excellent choice for demanding applications.