Used to move a payload or apply a force, pneumatic actuators (or cylinders) are the muscle in pneumatic systems. Actuators come in a broad range of sizes and configurations to handle a wide range of stroke and force requirements. Actuators can also be configured for application and industry specific requirements. A wide range of styles and sizes are available to meet most any application.

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Types of Actuators

Throw Away Pneumatic Actuators

Throw Away Actuators
These units are meant to meet low cost or light duty usage. They cannot be disassembled and repaired to extend their life, hence the term “Throw Away.”

Compact Pneumatic Actuators

Compact Actuators
Built to meet tight space constraints, Compact Actuators generally have a shorter overall length than typical actuators but still come in a wide aray of sizes and mounting options (bottom, side, top mount).

Guided Pneumatic Actuators

Guided Actuators
With built-in linear guides to handle side loads that may be applied to the rod-end or payload, guided actuators have the advantage of being more robust in dealing with moment loading or more precision linear motion.

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