Designed to improve the quality of “supply air” provided to pneumatic systems, air prep components are used to filter, regulate pressure and lubricate incoming compressed air to ensure the consistent operation and long life of down-stream pneumatic components.

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Types of Air Prep

Pneumatic Airdrop Package Units

Package Units
Comprised of two or more air prep devices preassembled into a kit (filter, regulator or lubricator), air prep “Packages” are pre-configured to meet the needs of a specific machine or facility e.g. Filter/Regulator only, Filter/Lubricator or more commonly, FRLs (Filter, Regulator, Lubricators).

Pneumatic Airdrop Filter Units

Filter Units
Filters are designed to remove solid contaminants from compressed air systems. Clean air protects valves and actuator components from clogging breaking down prematurely.

Pneumatic Airprep Regulators

Regulators help ensure pneumatic systems perform as designed by providing a safe and consistent level of pressure to your system.

Pneumatic Airdrop Lubricators

By injecting a consistent amount of lubrication in pneumatic circuits, lubricators help extend the life of pneumatic circuits. Both valves and actuators benefit from lubrication for easing motion and preventing corrosion of internal components.