These products use or create a negative air pressure. Most commonly vacuum products are used to pick up rigid materials (with suction cups, for example).

Vacuum Products

Pneumatics Vacuum Cup

Vacuum Cups
Braas offers a wide range of Vacuum cup styles and sizes. Fittings in multiple sizes are also available. The vacuum cups fit many unusual shapes and are constructed from a variety of materials such as Silicone, NBR, Urethane etc.

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Pneumatics Vacuum Generator

Vacuum Generators
Vacuum generators use compressed air to generate vacuum using a venturi. The generators can be connected via a manifold or used individually. Braas carries a wide range of vacuum pumps to meet all your application needs.

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Pneumatics Vacuum Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches
SMC vacuum sensor switches provide a completely integrated, digital solution designed to monitor vacuum status. Easy push button calibration eliminates the need for tools. Available in with LCD readouts or LED status lights

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