Sensing & IO Products

Braas has everything you need, from proximity switches, photoelectrics, level, temperature, pressure and ultrasonic sensors. From basic object presence/absence detection to precision distance and environment inspection (e.g. temperature, pressure), we carry a diverse range of sensors to tackle any automation challenge.

Additionally, our wide selection of cordsets and I/O components come in a variety of connector configurations and housing materials. This group of products provides connectivity and intelligent control of field devices including sensors and valves.


Banner – Sensors, machine safety devices, indicator lights, wireless sensor networks, machine vision & lighting
Lumberg Automation – Industrial networking connectors & cables
Omron – PLCs, operator interfaces, motion controls, sensors, timers, RFID systems, counters, temp/process controls, power supplies, relays, vision systems
SMC – Actuators and Cylinders – NFPA, non repairable, compact, lin

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