Machine Vision Resources

BRAAS takes Machine Vision seriously, offering a number of product lines that you can learn more about in our Machine Vision products section.

Resources on this page pertain primarily to the Datalogic P-10 camera and software, a very capable product used for a wide variety of applications. As you review the material and begin to solve your applications, a number of opportunities and questions will come to mind. You don’t have to do it alone – we are here to help you every step of the way. Send us a message or call 800-288-6628 with any questions about your specific application! Feel free to ask for Brad Quist.

Datalogic P10 Contrast Tool

Machine Vision Demos - Instructional Videos

Demo Kit Contents & Set-Up

Edge Enhancement

Morphology Dilate

Morphology Erode



Pin Point Pattern Find

Line Find

Average Intensity


Greyscale Template

Edge Point Find

Line Gauge

Line Gauge Dual ROI

Circle Gauge

Code Reader