We've Got What You Need On-Hand and Ready to Ship.

Is bigger better? When it comes to in-stock inventory, the answer is a resounding yes. And as it so happens, Braas maintains one of the largest in-stock inventories of automation components and systems in the upper Midwest.

To maintain a local inventory of frequently requested products, we’ve developed what we call our Customer Preferred Inventory (CPI) system, which guarantees we’ll always have your most requested products in stock and ready to go — pre-packaged and labeled to your specifications. What does Customer Preferred Inventory mean for your business? It means quick, often same-day shipment of the parts and products you need, time saved submitting multiple-product POs, and greater efficiency through streamlined packaging and labeling services.


Inventory Tailored to Your Specifications
Pre-Packaging & Labeling Services


Customer Preferred Inventory (CPI) system
Same-day shipping
In-stock inventories of a large selection of automation components