Think Inside The Box (Or About It).

We’re pretty sure your machine has a NEMA enclosure full of controls, circuit protection and other electrical components. You might also have one containing a pneumatic valve manifold (or should). Why have your staff assemble all this? At BRAAS ValuManufacturing, we can simplify your world by providing that entire assembly for you as one part number. …and if it doesn’t quite make sense for us to supply the entire panel, we can supply just the DIN rail assembly, the assembled SMC pneumatic manifold with valves (pre-tested) and/or FRL assembly.

As a distributor, we have several enclosure lines to choose from, including Rittal, Hammond enclosures and others, or we can use your enclosure of choice. Thinking inside the box, we have Eaton Cutler-Hammer, Omron, Wago, Altech and many other lines, and of course SMC for pneumatics. Some product availability varies by location.


DIN Rail Assemblies
Component Mounting and Wiring
Enclosure Modification and Customization
SMC Manifold Assembly and Test
Stocking and Custom Logistics Solutions


Simplify the supply chain leading up to your machine build
Reduce the risk of supply surprises or functionality issues
Let BRAAS worry about scheduling the assembly labor