Robotically Operated Open Training System = "ROOTS"

BRAAS is proud to partner with ROOTS Engineering to provide robotic training cells for the educational market.

ROOTS has developed pre-engineered work cells and curriculum to support robotic training programs for K-12, Technical Schools and 4 year Universities.  The ROOTS systems utilize Universal Robots market leading collaborative robots as the basis for the robotic arm and programming environment.

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The ROOTS concept is to start with a blank slate, have various components at the students fingertips; having them heavily involved with assembly, calibration, programming & maintenance of a robotic work cell.

The ROOTS program exposes and immerses students at all levels of study to the forefront of Industry 4.0 through the proven 5E project based model of Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation.

Mount, wire, program, fabricate, calibrate, teach, plan, develop and plug & produce, all while having fun & competing, making your own real manufacturing cell. Integrate the Hardware and the Software to create a process. Tear it down, perform maintenance and inventory and do it again for the next class!

Cobot Table – Applications and Benefits:


Sales Offices
Flexible Manufacturing
Schools and Training Centers
Custom Pedestals, Benches,
Bases and Carts


Mobile – easy to move around and show off your robot
Easy to add peripherals and table templates
Easy to load up for expos
GREAT FOR maximizing your space
Change positions and angles with ease
Connect multiple tables and multiple robots to make a manufacturing cell
100% Utilization of the table top; one robot on each side of the table! Most tables only give you half the capacity!
When inverted, can fit through any normal size door for security and storage
Multiple positions on the table to meet your classroom needs



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There is so much more to ROOTS than can be captured in a single page.  If you have questions and would like to know more,  please fill out the form below and we will connect you with a member of the ROOTS Engineering team.

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