Application Specific Assemblies + Streamlined Operations = Increased Efficiency + Cost Savings

We have a full-time operation building valve manifolds (100% tested), FRL assemblies and so on. Instead of ordering all the components and building them at your place, you can order the assembly with a single part number, we’ll assemble it from components we have in stock, and ship to you in short order. We do this as well or better than anyone around.

Combining multiple products under one part number enables you to order, receive, stock, and pay for large line item orders easily and efficiently. This is especially useful when groups of products go directly to production as sub-assemblies or kits.

Other valuable services Braas can provide include special packaging, special product or package labeling which can streamline your operations and custom product modifications, prior to shipping.


Kits Tailored to Your Specific Application
Direct Support from ValuManufacturing Team
Special or Custom Packaging
Special Product or Package Labeling
Custom (Pre-Shipment) Product Modifications


Easier Ordering
Unique tailored solutions from our ValuManufacturing team
Pre-assembled products