Motion Industries acquires Sterling ES

On April 1, 2018, Motion Industries purchased Sterling ES of Salem, VA to bolster BRAAS presence in the Southeast, and to increase their presence in the Industrial Networking space.  Sterling focuses on Networking/Communications products for Industrial and Infrastructure applications, and Instrumentation for various process applications.  The Sterling team is now integrated with the BRAAS presence […]

CalAmp Viper Compatibility

  There have been some questions recently about the compatibility of new CalAmp Viper products and older products.   If everything is set up correctly, all CalAmp Viper radios, even  of different versions purchased years apart, should be able to work together very well in the same radio network. First some background.  There are actually […]

Fun with Licenced Band SCADA Radios

Radio telemetry is a lot of fun.  It is part science, part art and part cross your fingers and hope it works.  We try to minimize the later through the use of software studies and site tests.  Part of the science is picking the right frequency for a system.  When Braas started selling industrial wireless solutions in […]