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A leading supplier of electrical linear actuators and electric linear motion control and pneumatic actuators and cylinders.
Tolomatic has earned its industry-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly durable and reliable electric linear and pneumatic actuators, and power transmission products for a variety of industries including packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor, and general automation.

New Products from Tolomatic

Single Axis Driver

Single axis driver/Controller comformant for EtherNet/IP
ACS actuator control solution, a low-cost servo or stepper driver and controller developed specifically for use with electric actuators, is now ODVA™ conformant for EtherNet/IP™.

ERD Stainless Steel

New ERD22 series Stainless Steel electric rod cylinder
The ERD22 electric rod cylinder rounds out Tolomatic’s product offering for hygienic, USDA-certified and IP69K requirements.

Solutions from Tolomatic

Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatics Actuators - Cable Cylinder

Cable Cylinder
Pneumatic Cylinder in a haunted house: Looking for a way to animate figures in a haunted house

MXP40N Band Cylinder

MXP40N Band Cylinder
Parts Stamping: Raising a metal parts stamping safety cage

Pneumatic Actuators - MXP Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

MXP-S Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder
Cleaning Equipment: A machine used in a variety of facilities for cleaning diesel fuel filters was using a rod style actuator that was internally designed along with a linear transducer to adjust the actuator’s movement based on the sizes of filters that needed cleaning.

Electric Linear Motor

Electric Actuator - Food Industry

Tolomatic is committed to the food and beverage processing industry.

Electric Actuator - Aerospace

Linear actuators deliver precise positioning for aerospace welding

Electric Actuator - Conveyor

Electric cylinders lower cost of conveying equipment

Application Showcase

Tolomatic is the leading supplier of linear motion and industrial automation products to the manufacturing industry

Player piano powered by ERD electric cylinders & MXB electric belt driven actuators

Low cost ERD electric actuator using Ethernet/IP in a palletizing application

Linear Actuators For Food and Beverage and Washdown Applications