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Users from many different industries experience Universal Robots' five unique benefits for any production facility:

Fast Setup   |   Easy Programming   |   Collaborative & Safe   |   Flexible Deployment   |   Fastest Payback

Introducing UR e-Series Robots

Built with the future in mind

Take robotic automation beyond what you can do today and get ready to trailblaze into the future.

Universal Robots e-Series cobots exemplify all that we believe in productivity, adaptability and reliability. Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and an almost endless list of opportunities for addons, the e-Series is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature.

The e-Series is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, taking on new tasks and finding new uses so you will always be able to stay ahead of your competitors.

The e-Series is designed to grow in capability alongside your business

The e-Series family has 4 members:  the UR3e, UR5e, UR10e and the UR16e. Each cobot has a different reach and payload, but they share the same precision, accuracy and dependability that make them a valuable addition to any production facility.

The UR3e

Small but powerful, the UR3e has a payload of 3kgs and reach radius of 500mm. With 360 degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint, this table-top cobot handles high precision tasks and light assembly tasks with ease.

The UR5e

The medium-sized member of the Universal Robots family is ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks with its 5kgs payload and 850mm reach radius. Easy to program and fast to set up, the UR5e strikes the perfect balance between size and power.

The UR10e

With the ability to automate tasks up to 10kgs with no compromise on precision, the UR10e is the Universal Robots' family's most powerful robot. A reach radius of 1300mm also enables it to carry out tasks like packaging and palletizing in facilities where there is a larger distance between different operating areas.

The UR16e

The UR16e

The UR16e delivers an impressive 16kg (35.3 lbs.) of payload within a small footprint! This powerhouse allows for heavier end of arm tooling, multi-part handling, and is especially useful for achieving shorter cycle times. Ideal for use in heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging and screw and nut applications.

UR16e Technical Specifications

New Products from UR

ActiNav Bin Picking Solutions

ActiNav is a new UR+ application kit for companies of all sizes that simplifies the integration of autonomous bin picking of parts and accurate placement in machines using UR cobots.

ActiNav synchronously handles vision processing, collision-free motion planning and autonomous real-time robot control, eliminating the complexity and risk usually associated with bin picking applications.

Cable Suite for e-Series

Cable Suite for e-Series

To allow for an even more flexible deployment and servicing of cobots, UR has developed the new e-Series Cable Suite. Deploying a cobot into an industrial application often brings the need for flexibility and versatility. 

The e-Series systems will now include a base flange connector and a detachable, 6-meter robot cable. This connector allows for easy cable exchange and enables easier servicing of the robot.

UR+ Partner Solutions

Automate faster with certified UR+ application kits and components

Universal Robots' Partner Network called UR+ takes the revolutionary power of their collaborative robot and multiplies it many times over by delivering purpose-built plug and play robotic accessory solutions for a wide array of applications. 

UR+ provides access to peripherals and application kits designed for your success.

Automation is easier than ever with UR+

New Scale Robotics

Q-Span by New Scale Robotics is a modular inspection workstation that is ready to measure, inspect and sort your parts.  It is capable of measuring length, width, height, inner/outer diameter and receded features.

It is not a vision based system so it is not impacted by lighting.

Automate the manual process of measuring small parts for quality control in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing

Flexxbotics: Flexx Reference

How do you increase the utilization of your cobot in order to achieve maximum ROI in the shortest timeframe? How do you maximize the use of your mobile cobot in dissimilar applications?

The Flexx Reference will improve robot utilization across your entire Universal Robot fleet. Delivering an efficient and repeatable redeployment platform that helps you repurpose your mobile robot anywhere you want in your facility.


FlexxBotics presents the Flexx Reference, the only repurposing UR+ solution available. Redeploy any robot seamlessly with this software and mechanical solution.

Robotiq Palletizing Solution

Ease-of-use is redefined with the Robotiq Palletizing Solution. Open the box and the hardware and software are already connected. Plan your setup in just three easy steps directly on the robot control device. 

  • Works with a wide range of box sizes and pallet heights
  • Fast ROI with optimized, synchronized motion between cobot and 7th axis
  • Built-in environment for safe integration
  • Small footprint to fit your existing layout

Robotiq Online Palletizing Configurator

Products & Solutions for Collaborative Robotic Applications

BRAAS Robotics provides turn-key solutions to help you implement your collaborative robotic applications. Or, if you’re looking to DIY, we can also provide everything you need to get up and running.

From complete turn-key cells, to the tools, devices and training you need to do it yourself, trust BRAAS to get you where you need to go.

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